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Advanced Exhausts in Rockhampton can take care of all your exhaust, extractor and muffler needs. We guarantee the lowest prices in Central Queensland.

All our products and services, as well as pick-ups and deliveries, can be arranged with one easy phone call - 4922 2424.
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We can design and fit an exhaust system for your vehicle, no matter what make or model - passenger vehicle, 4WD, truck, van, bus, you name it...

We'll even design and install exhaust systems for your machinery.

Contact us at Advanced Exhausts today. Let us know what you're needing.


Want your car to sound the way you hear it in your head?

A custom sports system from Advanced Exhausts can be designed from the ground up to suit you and your car. It will knock your socks off.

Call us today and get the lowdown.
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Mechanic Checking on Exhaust — Exhaust in North Rockhampton, QLD


Advanced Exhausts is Rockhampton's expert extractor installer. With our extractors, our qualified fitters will make sure your car gets:
  • Performance boosted
  • Better fuel economy
  • More torque
  • Cooler, cleaner running engine
  • Cooler running transmission
Contact us today. Get your car the exact extractor from Advance Exhausts.


Hitching a trailer or a caravan to your vehicle just got a whole lot easier.

At Advanced Exhausts, we make towbar installation a breeze.

Contact us and get your vehicle fitted with a towbar today.
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DB Testing — Exhaust in North Rockhampton, QLD


At Advanced Exhausts, we can dB test your vehicle (we can even test it before and after your new exhaust system is fitted).

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At Advanced Exhausts, motor mechanics and vehicle servicing businesses throughout Central Queensland now have access to our full range of exhaust system services.

Our expertise guarantees superior installation, exhaust system performance and lower prices for OEM replacements, sports and custom-designed exhausts.

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Available for your convenience in the Rockhampton area.

Getting your vehicle worked on couldn't get any easier.

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All the products we supply and fit come with full warranties.

At Advanced Exhausts, you can be sure of getting the best deals for exhausts, extractors and mufflers in Rockhampton and Central Queensland.

Warranty periods vary depending on the individual product. Some are covered by 12 months' warranty, while others are covered for up to 10 years!

Contact us today. Get the best deal for your car at Advance Exhausts.